Don't let the bed bugs bite

My names alexis and im 16 (: i live in pennsylvania and go to a private school. I lovee supernatural, harry potter, doctor who, and a bunch of british shows. xD



Hi! I’m Kas and I have too much shit, so I’m hosting a giveaway! I would prefer that you be following me, just so you can know who wins, but it doesn’t matter, honestly. Likes and reblogs count. You can reblog as many times as you want, I don’t care LOL. I can ship anywhere.

This ends on April 30th

You could win:

  • 3 My Little Pony coloring books
  • Thor cup
  • a Nepeta Hat
  • a 3Ds
  • A DS case
  • and 13 DS games (plus a gameboy game!)

15 days

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